Luxury Sharpening set


Luxury sharpening set consists of a Sharp Easy knife sharpener and a whetstone with handle. No more blunt knives with this V-knife sharpener Sharp Easy and whetstone!

Features of the whetstone:

  • Fine and coarse grit CG320/CD120
  • Whetstone dimensions 12cm x 5cm x 2.5cm

This V-sharpener has the same function as the sharpening steel, is very easy and efficient to use because it always sharpens/sharpens your knife at the same angle, does not rust and is easy to hold. The “swatches” of this sharpening device are replaceable and available here. It is recommended to replace the sharpening arms of the sharpener every 12 months during daily use.

Features Easy Sharpener:

  • Hard plastic frame
  • With mounting bracket
  • Replaceable grinding arms
  • Includes bracket to attach it to the wall or table.

What you can expect:

  • Not good, money back guarantee
  • Delivered within 3-4 working days
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