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    Filleting Set Hard & Flexible

    Professional Fillet Set with a stiff and flexible blade that you will enjoy for years. Suitable for round and flat fish!

    €55,00 – €56,95

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      Why choose filleting knives from Visfileren.nl?

      Whether you walk into a filleting shop in Urk, Spakenburg, Yerseke, IJmuiden, or a fish shop, you will find these production knives everywhere, especially the green plastic handle and the blue soft-grip variant. Our filleting experts know it well; it’s no coincidence that the best filleting experts come from the Netherlands. Among production filleting experts, you see the green and blue variants, while chefs often use the blue soft-grip version.

      “It’s no coincidence that the best filleting experts come from the Netherlands.”

      For each type of filleting knife, the blades are the same, only the grips and colors have different options. In filleting, we work with two variants: the stiff and the semi-flexible filleting knife. For portioning and trimming, we use the ready-to-cook and the curved filleting knife. These filleting knives work! We have been providing filleting shows and presentations on the main stages at major fish and hospitality fairs at home and abroad for years for a reason.

      So people, make your choice here, and you’ll be sure to have a good fish knife. Do you find it difficult to handle? Want to learn filleting…? You can watch our instructional filleting videos on this website.

      Team Visfileren.nl

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      Photo: Fish specialist Arie Kuijt during a filleting show.

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